Research Presentation Fund



presentfundsOn 1st February 2009, the Family Medicine Specialist Association of Malaysia has agreed to set-up the FMSA Research Presentation Fund with collaboration from Ministry of Health. The purpose of this fund is to encourage FMSA members to participate actively in academic and research related activities, organized by government or other various societies.

Each applicant seeking this FMSA Research Presentation Fund must submit an application. The form of application fund as attached here. Applications are normally made in response to announcements of professional / scientific meetings in which they wish to present a research paper. Careful adherence to guideline requirements facilitates the processing of this applications.

Therefore FMSA encourages all applicants to read carefully to determine if they are eligible to apply for this fund. For further information and clarification, please contact Dr Rohayah Ismail. E-mail


1. This funding is provided to financially support their members who wish to present in professional meetings.

2. The goal of this presentation fund is to encourage the expansion of Research & Development in the shorter and even long term among the FMSA members.


To Apply for this FMSA RESEARCH FUND, the applicants:

1. Must be members of the FMSA for more than 1 year

2. Must have no outstanding FMSA annual fee payment.

3. Must not have received this similar fund from FMSA in the past 24 months.

4. A copy of abstract must be sent along with this application form to the secretariat.

5. This application must be submitted 2 months before date of event.

6. All the expenses given by this fund only subjected to the one person only. Any expenses for accompanying persons should not be included

Online Application / download Form