Strenghten Our Fratenity


mastura-ismailFMSA President’s speech during the 14th FMSA Scientific Meeting – Gala Night

Assalamulaikum and Salam Sejahtera

I am honored and humbled by being elected as the 5th president of the Family Medicine Specialist Association. I consider myself as a lucky person in the Malaysia right now and I pledge to do my best to make our wonderful profession and all of you proud! Thank you also to all the previous FMSA Chairpersons and exco members who have contributed significantly to this association. I hope they will continue do so…

Before I make my remarks, please indulge me while I take a personal moment. I truly appreciate the many friends and colleagues who are here today and who have voted for me. I would not be here or have any success if it were not for a gracious God Allah S.W.T who has blessed me with a lovely, caring, supportive family .

My dear friends,

We were challenged by some members, to consider thoughtfully what it would take to move this organization from being a very good association to becoming a – “great”– association.

Great: “remarkable or outstanding in magnitude, degree, or extent,” or “of outstanding significance or importance.”

Now we must think, express and discuss, yes, even to dream the impossible and begin to plan what steps would be necessary to become great.

Every member should actively participate and give direction towards a plan to diverge from the highway of very good and pave an upward path towards greatness.

Lets us ponder a bit….

What if, Dr X, the Family Medicine Specialist Association was internationally recognized as a growing, financially secure, membership-driven organization, representing an entire family of primary care physicians, with the highest quality of training, practicing distinctively family medicine.

And what if, Dr. Y, the family medicine profession we take such pride in, was recognized as the world leader in providing truly patient-centered healthcare, utilizing state of the art technologies, research and techniques, combined with the tremendous advantage over all other healthcare providers, the advantage of utilizing the proven benefits of adding family medicine principles and practice to the treatment of every patient.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Wouldn’t that be great?

However, I personally have some fears concerning possible roadblocks and pitfalls, which may detour us from this path to greatness. Yes, perhaps even prevent our attempts to reach this lofty destination. You may disagree, or think me foolish, but at least consider some of my fears.

I fear we are losing our advantage—yes even our distinctiveness—of being primary care physician. If this continues, ladies and gentlemen, we will lose our profession.

When top bosses of MOH state that the senior MO will be appointed as head of clinic—I am frightened about our future.

I also fear some negative comments from our other counter-part be it public health specialist or other clinical specialist….Are our clinical work good enough? What we need to focus or improve upon etc

Now, I have also heard those who say “not to worry” for quote “

Do not despair…I may be wrong. But what if I’m right?

It has been said that we are our own worse enemy—that’s probably true.

It has been said that when times are good we become complacent, selfish, greedy and self-centered—again probably true.

However, it has also been said that historically, when threatened, FMSs unite in force and fight tenaciously, to protect the entire family, what we have earned, and what our patients deserve, the right to practice, to teach, to promote and to protect the science and art of family medicine.

Ladies and gentlemen I believe that time have come! The threat is real!

You’ve heard my fears now please hear my challenges.

I challenge our entire profession to join me in battle, FMSA member or not, to unite and get “back to the basics.” This is to return and practice our essential, fundamental, entity and philosophy. To capture our patients, friends, relatives or others who have that “light in their eyes—reflecting the lantern of family medicine”

I challenge the FMSA to become even more diligent and fight for the basic rights of all FMSs. I call upon the FMSA to establish a method and have the ability to research, record and preserve the factual history of those hundreds upon hundreds of heroes whose accomplishments should be mandatory reading for each and every beginning family medicine medical student.

I challenge family medicine lecturers in universities, to use their tremendous academic expertise to develop uniquely family medicine academic curriculum which will train and strengthen the basic science, clinical, post-doctoral, who will then have the knowledge and ability to promote and develop family medicine

Almighty and merciful God, Allah S.W.T the true healer of all;

Forgive me of my transgressions. Help me to do what is right and pleasing to you;

Thank you for my many friends, my wonderful family

Thank you for your strength and guidance in this time of challenge and opportunity for our profession;

Please bless and protect our family, our students, physicians, advocates, staff and especially our patients.

Thank you…


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