World AIDS Day 2010


From: The Asian Harm Reduction Network. {}

More than 30 years have gone by, yet HIV/AIDS is still here to stay and continues to be another insurmountable challenge for the 21st century and its advanced mankind. And now we talk about ‘Universal Access and Human Rights’, when millions have perished and millions are still living with a doubtful and unpredictable future. A few millions have managed to prolong their lives with quality by the help of not-for-cure antiretroviral drugs. A few thousands have miraculously living healthily without these drugs and a few lucky hundreds have managed to live posh and healthy lifestyles, being taken for granted. New problems, new challenges and new issues kept arising relentlessly, ever escalating the hurdles to our endless efforts to the dream of halting and reversing the epidemic, the dream that was wishfully thought out by some of the ambitious think tanks and people in power who decides for the world.

The ambitious ‘Millennium Development Goals’ and the ‘Universal Access by 2010’ that have been endorsed with commitment may seem achievable for many at the higher echelon. But for millions of those in the frontline, it is still a far away pipe dream. The gap between people impacted by the epidemic and people who decides to mitigate the impact is unimaginably wide apart with enormous disparity and incoherence that leads to failure to yield a substantial outcome. Unlike the prior accessories in the wemo line, you’ll need to be comfortable with doing basic electrical work to install the wemo light switch, or at least be willing to call an electrician if you aren’t. The resources are scarce and yet we continue to spend unwisely and inappropriately. The resources released from the source and the actual resource reaches to the end recipients are drastically mismatched. But despite being always at the receiving end, people living with HIV and people those most at risk have stood up bravely against all odds. We are aware of many failed policies and programs but we prefer to play deaf and dumb, and still embrace these failed policies and continue the same programs over and over again. On this occasion of 23rd World AIDS Day, our key message, to those of you in power, it is time to accept the facts and act on them before your decisions can no longer make any differences. And to those friends, colleagues and families in the communities, we extend our endless support and sincerely share your grief and hardships that you are facing at every moment and on every steps of life. We hope you continue your dream, accept the terms of life and act upon with a will to find the ways to make the dream come true. ‘Human Rights entail Universal Access’.

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