Role of Family Medicine Specialist in Health Center in Malaysia


1. Three main roles of Family Medicine Specialist are:

a. To provide quality clinical care, a holistic, comprehensive and continuous care.
b. Train and supervise clinical members in custody to deliver quality clinical services in line with the requirements of the organization.
c. Equip themselves with knowledge and skills in medicine and new medical technologies through research and learning activities

2. Clinical care

a. Family Physician is responsible for receiving and handling cases referred to it either by appointment or directly according to the needs of the case. Family Medicine Specialist is also responsible for ensuring the case is in accordance with guidelines established by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

3. Training and clinical supervision

a. Family Physician is responsible for training and supervising members under the clinical supervision in order to deliver clinical services as recommended by the Ministry of Health with the competence and quality.

4. Continuing Professional Development (Continuous Professional Development)

a. Family Medicine Specialist must strive to equip themselves with the latest medical knowledge and skills to establish itself as a competent and credible experts to carry out activities as listed in the log book and CPD Guidelines for the Ministry of Health professionals.


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