Health Care Reform and Changes: the Malaysian Experience

  1. Ismail Merican[1] and Rohaizat bin Yon [2]

Author Affiliations”

1Health Malaysia (Research and Technical Support) Ministry of Health, Malaysia
2 Evaluation Unit, Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Health care reform is an intentional, sustained and systematic process of structural change to one or more health subsystems to improve efficiency, effectiveness, patient choices and equity. Health care all over the world is continuously reforming with time. Health care reform has become an increasingly important agenda for policy change in both developed and developing countries including Malaysia. This paper provides an overview of the Malaysian health care system, its achievements, and issues and challenges leading to ongoing reform towards a more efficient and equitable health care system that possess a better quality of life for the population.

Source: Asia Pac J Public Health 2002; 14(1): 17 – 22?

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