THE Welcoming Message of FMSA President at th 15th Family Medicine Conference 2011


go A warm welcome to all participants to this 15th Family Medicine Scientific Conference held at Royale gintang Hotel Seremban from 23 – 26th June 20-11. Gustav fechner psychophysics psychologists buy paper by in 1860. 1 heartily congratulate the organizing, committee, our invited speakers and participants Involved In the 15th Malaysian Family Medicine Scientific Conference 2011 for carrying out this Important education programme. A word of appreciation al&o goes to Menteri Besar of Negerl Sembllan, International Medical University and Negerti Sembilan Slate Health Department. This year’s conference theme on ‘Primary care physician as effective gate keeper’ is aptly chosen in view of the coming national health care reform in this country. The roles of primary care physician in Malaysia must continue to evolve. The tasks of a primary care physician who serves as a ‘gatekeeper* should be to manage and co-ordinate a patient’s care, as well as to be the sole referring agent to specialists. On the one hand, the gatekeeper is the patient’s ‘health adviser*. On the other hand, he has to make Judicious decisions about the best and most appropriate use of medical services, and thereby contribute to containing costs while improving the quality of care. “Primary care physician as effective gate keeper 2011” will incorporate a strong local focus, with some of the country’s best speakers to share their insights and invaluable expertise on a broad range of topics, practice case studies covering on the gate keeper role. This conference will provide an excellent platform for the dissemination and discussion on gate keeper function of primary care physicians In this country. On behalf of the Family Medicine Specialist Association it gives me great pleasure to extend our greetings to everyone participating in this conference. Our appreciation and gratitude must also go to the Deputy Health Minister; Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan, International Medical University, Negeri Sembilan State Health Department and all sponsors for their valuable support towards paving the way forward for primary care. This conference would not be possible without their support.