November 14, 2011

The number of Malaysians with diabetes continues to increase every year. In 2006, estimated to be about 1. 5 million adult Malaysians living with diabetes. Unfortunately, the early results of National Health and Morbidity Survey ( NHMS) 2011 to be published in December 2011 showed that the number has now reached more than 3 million people in Malaysia, only in a period of 5 years. What is more worrying, and my own Ministry of Health is the number of Malaysians who have a blood sugar high, but have yet to be examined by a doctor, which is about 2 million individual adults. This indicates that there are still many Malaysians who have yet to do health screening on a regular and periodic.
Diabetes is a silent disease at an early stage. I want to emphasize that the majority of individuals with diabetes do not experience any symptoms, sometimes up to 70-10 years from the disease began to occur. However, if the individual is to undergo regular health screening tests, the results of high blood sugar could be detected from the first year of diabetes begin. If allowed to continue undetected diabetes, the disease is more difficult to control and the risk of diabetes complications such as blindness, heart disease, kidney failure and impotence are high. https://college-homework-help.org/. In line with the theme of World Diabetes Day globally, “Act on Diabetes Now”, the “Prevent Diabetes: Act Now”, I would like to advise all Malaysians on the main risk factors for diabetes:

(1) Have a family history of diabetes
(2) overweight or obese (BMI> 23. 0 kg/m2)
(3) Having hypertension
(4) have high cholesterol levels
(5) a sedentary lifestyle or inactive
(6) For women with a history of diabetes during pregnancy (or Gestational diabetes)

Once again, I would recommend that all Malaysians aged 30 years and above for screening of NCD risk factors (non-communicable disease or diseases) each year. This basic screening tests include blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar, BMI examination (body mass index) and waist circumference. However, if you have any risk factors above, then you need to begin screening as early as age 20 years. Screening services for NCD risk factors for healthy individuals in all government health clinics and private sectors in Malaysia. In addition, screening services are also offered during most of the functions or programs in the community organized by the Ministry of Health, other government agencies and the private sector. In the meantime, the level of care for those diseases that have been diagnosed with diabetes and other NCD is also not satisfactory. Ministry of Health data shows that for people with diabetes who seek treatment at MOH clinics, estimated to be about only one out of five patients achieve good blood sugar (HbA1c test results less than 6. 5%), two of the five patients achieving target blood pressure optimal; one in four patients achieve good cholesterol levels, and only one out of six patients at the ideal level of BMI. People with diabetes who seek treatment have good control targets to reduce the risk of complications resulting from diabetes such as gangrene and amputation, kidney failure and septicemia. Apart from consuming drugs or insulin on the advice of doctors, all people with diabetes need to learn and practice proper dietary habits according to their illnesses and the practice of physical activity and exercise at least 30 minutes every day. Responsibility to protect your health and your family is always your own. Act now. Dato ‘Sri Dr. HASAN BIN ABDUL RAHMAN
The Director General of Health Malaysia.