Welcome Message by FMSA President



A warm welcome to all participants to this 16th Family Medicine Scientific Conference held at the Avillion Legacy Hotel Malacca from 13-15* July 2012. I wish to congratulate the organizing committee, our invited speakers and participants involved in the 16th Malaysian Family Medicine Scientific Conference 2012 for carrying out this important education programme. A word of appreciation also goes to Manipal Medical University and Malacca State Health Department. This year conference theme is ‘Doctors with Different Hats… But Together We Care’ is aptly chosen in view of the role of primary care physician. The roles of primary care physician in Malaysia continue to evolve. The primary care physicians serve as a ‘gatekeeper7 is to manage and co-ordinate patients’ care. He/she can make judicious decisions about the best and most appropriate use of medical services, and thereby contribute to containing costs while improving the quality of care. Primary care physicians also should: i) tackle the persistent inequity in health in Malaysia ii) deal with the growing epidemics in noncommunicable diseases and containing communicable diseases; and iii) address the social and economic determinants that are at the root of so many of these problems. All this needs to happen in a rapidly changing Malaysian and global context. These are not easy tasks at the best of times and are even more demanding given the many challenges we face today. Achieving better health for all requires us to work innovatively through partnerships with other sectors. This endeavour requires leadership across the whole of government. The task ahead will not be easy, but we can work together. On behalf of the FMSA, it is great pleasure for me to extend greetings to everyone participating in this conference. Appreciation and gratitude also to Melaka Manipal University, Me aka “ate Health Department and all sponsors for their valuable support and paving the way without which this ference would not be possible.

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