Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Family Medicine Specialists’ Association of Malaysia

Association of Family Medicine Specialist of Malaysia established in 1995 with only a few members. Conducted the first annual conference in Kota Bharu Kelantan.
The first president of the association is Dr. Muhd Khairi Muhd Taibi.
The main objective of the establishment of the FMSA is to strengthen the profession of Family Physicians.

Our Vision

The Malaysian Family Medicine Specialists Association is recognized as an organization which advocates for Family Medicine and facilitates optimal primary health care in Malaysia.

Our Mission

The Malaysian Family Medicine Specialists Association supports and promotes Family Medicine Specialists (FMS) in its pivotal role of providing holistic management of health in the community.

The physicians of Community can care for all kinds of people, including pediatric patients, adults and geriatric populations. Choosing a Family Medicine Specialists for day-to-day health needs for you and your family is an important decision, so Community makes it easy! We have hundreds of board-certified doctors in community. Caring about you is our first priority.

Come and join us as part of team members in consolidating family’s burden in health.

Exco Members 2016 – 2018

Presiden: Norsiah Ali
Timbalan Presiden: Sri Wahyu Taher
Setiausaha: Nor Hazlin Talib
Penolong Setiausaha: Fauzia Abd Majid
Bendahari: Siti Shafiatun Binti Mohsin
Penolong Bendahari: Wong Ping Foo
Exco:  Zainal Fitri Zakaria
 Nurainul Hana Shamsudin
 A Khalek Abd Rahman
 Logakodie Subramaniam
 Azlin Amat

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