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Parallel Pathway for Family Medicine Specialist

I am delighted to be involved in the launch of a new training programme for Family Medicine in Malaysia. This programme has been launched at the invitation of the Malaysian Ministry of Health, who recognise the need for strong primary care. Family Medicine is the cornerstone of all efficient health care systems. Evidence shows that […]

19th Family Medicine Scientific Conference 2016

19th Family Medicine Scientific Conference 2016 Venue: Dorset Grand, Subang Selangor, Malaysia Date: 10 – 13 August 2016 The scientific committee has brought together eminent speakers from local and abroad to share their diverse expertise with topics which will interest a wide audience. We have also arranged a dinner for delegates to mingle socially and […]

Baik dan buruk Vape

Oleh: DR NORSIAH ALI. Pakar Perunding Perubatan Keluarga ( Pengkhususan: Perubatan Ketagihan) Presiden Persatuan Pakar-Pakar Perubatan Keluarga Malaysia (FMSA) Ahli Majlis Persatuan Perubatan Ketagihan Malaysia (AMAM)   Semenjak akhir-akhir ini pelbagai reaksi ditunjukkan tentang tren penggunaan vape di negara ini. Amat merisaukan apabila menerima what apps gambar kanak-kanak, remaja dan wanita yang sedang menggunakan vape. […]

What We Should Know About Vaping?

Smoking is a known health issue. Evidence has shown that besides the nicotine which is responsible for the addiction to smoking, each cigarette stick contains over 4000 chemicals which are toxicants and carcinogen (can cause cancer). Smoking has been related with many diseases like COPD, ischaemic heart disease cancer of the lungs, prostate, breast and […]

An open letter to the Members of Parliament of Malaysia

13 November 2015 An open letter to the Members of Parliament of Malaysia We, the undersigned medical professional bodies and non-governmental organisations, would like to register our concern regarding the increasing presence of electronic cigarettes and vaping in our society. We note with dismay the Cabinet’s rejection of the Ministry of Health’s proposal to ban […]

Coffee consumption may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

Source: http://www.diafocus.com/coffee-consumption-may-reduce-the-risk-of-type-2-diabetes/ Among nutritional and/or environmental factors which may modify the risk of type 2 diabetes (T2D), coffee consumption has been associated for years with a decreased risk. However, epidemiological evidence on the association of habitual coffee consumption and the risk of T2D has been lacking.1-3 An exhaustive and systematic review of 13 cohort studies […]

Role of Family Medicine Specialists

By Dr Iskandar Firzada Osman     Question Is there a difference between Medical Officers/GPs and a Family Medicine Specialist? If yes, what can a Family Medicine Specialist do that normal MOs or GPs can’t? Answer: Laws of Malaysia; Medical Act 1971 require ALL doctors, including MOs, GPs, Specialists and/or Consultants to be registered with […]

18th FMS Scientific Conference 2015

Family Medicine Specialists’ Association of Malaysia (FMSA) will be organizing a scientific conference in 2015 .The conference will be held in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, in collaboration with the State Health Department and UNISZA. The conference theme is “Transforming care … Enhancing value”. This theme was chosen to better prepared medical practitioners in primary health care […]

Why Family Physicians Are Different From Other Doctors

By Shelly Reese Article from Medscape : November 13, 2014 THE DILEMMA OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS Many doctors have suggested that family physicians are struggling with an identity crisis. Is it true? Family physicians are specialists who, paradoxically, specialize in being comprehensivists. They practice in a realm bookended by nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants on […]

Primary Care Mini Conference 2014

In conjunction with World Family Doctors’ Day, FMSA will conduct a mini conference at Institut Pengurusan Kesihatan Malaysia, Jalan Bangsar. The event will be on 30-31 May 2014. All Family Medicine Specialists, Medical officers, General Practitioners are invited to this special event. The first World Family Doctor Day was celebrated on 19 May 2010. It […]