The FMSA “Top 10 in 2011″

It has been an exciting year for FMSA and I like to share the Top 10 FMSA activities and initiatives as following:

1. Family Medicine Specialist Technical Meeting

This meeting were conducted twice in 2011 where Family Health Division, MOH co-coordinating it – representative from all states majority are FMSA members attended this meeting. Special thanks to Dr Baizury Bashah, Head of Family Medicine Service, for her great work in putting together all the agenda!

2. 15th Malaysian Family Medicine Specialists’ Conference

This conference was organized in collaboration with Negeri Sembilan State Health Department and  IMU in June 2011 in Hotel Royale Bintang Seremban. It was a great success where more than 450 participants attended the conference. This is also the main event which generates income for FMSA. Keep up the good work. This year I hope members will continue to support the coming 16th FMSA Conference in Melaka

3. FMSA Membership Drive

We have strengthened the membership drive activities by making several road shows and keeping members alert in paying their membership fees. Let us all make our Treasurer’s job easier by ensuring payment early of the year. An association can only progress with full support from members. I like you all to also play your role in getting the juniors specialists to join FMSA

4. “Tools for Practice”

Thanks to the CME Team headed by Dr Nazrila who has provided several practical, evidence based CME activities. This initiative (some are in collaboration with the pharma industries) has gained recognition for its high quality and practical tips to improve practice.

5. Health Screening Guideline and Chronic Disease Management Module

FMSA collaborate with Academy Family Physician and MOH who has arranged several meetings in the preparation of the Primary Care Health Screening Guideline. Thanks to Assoc Prof Dr Tong Seng Fah and his team for the wonderful work so far. Hopefully once this guideline completed; this initiative will gain national recognition for its high quality, unbiased and practical tips to improve practice.

FMSA also has the opportunity to take part in the Chronic Disease Management Training Module. Thanks to Assoc Prof Anis who heads the project.  We hope to develop and deliver important educational initiatives around the new complex care plan. The research arm will continue this year in several health clinics in Selangor. Please give your fullest support in ensuring the success of the program

6. National Health Care Reform- 1CARE

Several members have been involved in the preparation of the 1CARE Blueprint. Currently I am the Chairperson for the Primary Health Care Benefit Package for 1CARE. I would like to thank all members who have taken time and lend their expertise in all the meetings and workshops. Let’s hope the journey to this coming health care reform will be smooth and primary care physicians’ will not be neglected.

7. Guidebook for FMS

This book consists of topics pertaining to FMS fraternity and is currently under editors’ review. The aim of this project is to provide FMS, especially the juniors, with input not just to be clinicians but other aspects as well.

8. Community Project

This is to promote FMSA among the community and other organizations, apart from implementing health activities advocated by the Ministry of Health.  A total of RM 10,000 per year is allocated to be given to 2 states (RM 5000 per state). The first project was held at Kedah on 20/1/11 together with ‘Persatuan Diabetes Malaysia’ (PDM) and the second project were held in Wilayah Persekutuan.

9. Getting the Director General of Health’s ear?

A meeting was held with the DG of Health and several issues were discussed among others were area of interest training and scholarship, FMS ‘Halatuju’ paper, organization chart in health clinic, KPIs, and constraint in primary care resources i.e budget and human resource etc .

10. FMSA Secretariat Room

FMSA has been renting a room in MMA Building for secretariat use while in process obtaining own property this year.

Looking ahead…

An organization is only as strong as its members and I hope this year FMSA true strength will be continuously demonstrated through the activity and passion of its members. I hope to get support from all members and the also the hard working team at the FMSA office!

Wishing you all the best in 2012!


Dr Mastura Ismail

President, FMSA

Greetings from the President

My fellow Colleagues,
What a better way to start the second part of my term 2011/2012 than to make a difference for everyone. I believe, each one of us is different.  Different in the way we work; different in the way we think; different in character; different in attitude and different in the way of life. But whatever it is, we have only one common thing in mind, that is, to improve the primary care services and strike for better future. Our strong motto, “We Care” has always been our guide, steering us towards our vision and our mission.  We should be united as one entity; we can achieve whatever we can dream of. We have to believe in the power of ‘We’ and nothing else matters; not me and not you, alone.

Fellow Colleagues, our primary health care has achieved quite outstanding standards and envied by many other countries. Many of you have contributed towards this. I hope more will be joining as member to FMSA and we need all of you to take part in membership drive attracting masters student and newly qualified specialist. Special gratitude should be accorded to all the past presidents and exco members, for leading our association to be what we are now.

This term,  we focus on the believe in service as the basis of our association; believe in membership, believe in leadership, as an important element of an association and finally, believe in projecting a good FMS image, so as to uphold the prestigious name of FMSA in the country.

There are activities which have been plan and currently on-going which need continuous commitment and in-put from everyone involve. Let us share the responsibilities together and make it successful. New ideas and innovation are always welcome in order to progress further. We must work to get continuous and regular income for the association so that the plan to have own building and permanent secretariat for FMSA will be materialized in the near future.
And lastly, fellow colleagues, we also believe that harmony plays an important factor in making FMSA members live like a family. We believe together we can deliver. We believe together we can be a happy ! Let’s serve together, harmoniously.

I would like to wish everyone, an exciting and fruitful year

We Care”

Role of Family Medicine Specialist in Health Center in Malaysia

1. Three main roles of Family Medicine Specialist are:

a. To provide quality clinical care, a holistic, comprehensive and continuous care.
b. Train and supervise clinical members in custody to deliver quality clinical services in line with the requirements of the organization.
c. Equip themselves with knowledge and skills in medicine and new medical technologies through research and learning activities

2. Clinical care

a. Family Physician is responsible for receiving and handling cases referred to it either by appointment or directly according to the needs of the case. Family Medicine Specialist is also responsible for ensuring the case is in accordance with guidelines established by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

3. Training and clinical supervision

a. Family Physician is responsible for training and supervising members under the clinical supervision in order to deliver clinical services as recommended by the Ministry of Health with the competence and quality.

4. Continuing Professional Development (Continuous Professional Development)

a. Family Medicine Specialist must strive to equip themselves with the latest medical knowledge and skills to establish itself as a competent and credible experts to carry out activities as listed in the log book and CPD Guidelines for the Ministry of Health professionals.

Strenghten Our Fratenity

mastura-ismailFMSA President’s speech during the 14th FMSA Scientific Meeting – Gala Night

Assalamulaikum and Salam Sejahtera

I am honored and humbled by being elected as the 5th president of the Family Medicine Specialist Association. I consider myself as a lucky person in the Malaysia right now and I pledge to do my best to make our wonderful profession and all of you proud! Thank you also to all the previous FMSA Chairpersons and exco members who have contributed significantly to this association. I hope they will continue do so…

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