The membership of the Association shall consist of the following categories:


Ordinary membership shall be opened to every Family Medicine Specialist of Malaysian citizenship possessing a recognized medical degree plus a postgraduate degree in Family Medicine, its specialties and/or its sub-specialties, registered in the Register kept by the Registrar of Medical Practitioners.


Life member is a privilege which shall be opened to anyone who has been an ordinary member for at least 3 years and shall pay a sum of RM2000.00.


The Association may confer Honorary membership on those people who, whether or not registered in the Medical Register, have done exceptional work in the fields of Family Medicine and allied sciences or have rendered meritorious services in the cause of Family Medicine and associated sciences or to this Association.

Honorary members will enjoy all the privileges of Ordinary and Life members except that of voting or of holding office in the Council of the Association.


Associate members shall be opened to:

  1. Family Medicine Specialist of non-Malaysian citizenship
  2. Any health care provider with interest in primary care
  3. Students doing their Malaysian Family Medicine masters training with prior approval from the Vice Chancellor of the University concerned.

Associate members will enjoy all the privileges of Ordinary and Life members except that of voting or of holding office in the Council of the Association

Every application for membership shall be proposed and seconded by two existing members and shall be forwarded to the Secretary who shall at the first convenient opportunity, submit it to the Council for approval. The Council may at its discretion reject any application without assigning any reason therefore.

Every applicant whose application has been approved as aforesaid shall, upon payment of the prescribed registration fee and first year annual subscription, be admitted as member of the Association and shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership.


Termination of membership shall take place in any one or more of the following ways;

By clear intention expressed in writing to resign membership for whatever cause

By allowing the annual subscription to fall arrears for three years.

Automatically, by reason of the name of the members being removed from Medical Register maintained under the Medical Registration Ordinance currently in force.

By expulsion after due inquiry by the Council for any conduct or any action detrimental to the honor and integrity of the family medicine profession or the Association.

Provided however:

The Council may in its absolute discretion restore such membership upon being satisfied that there were reasons for the subscription having fallen into arrears, and a tender of all such arrears having been made.

In the event of the member being restored to the Register he shall automatically resume such membership subject to payment of all subscriptions due and payable.

Any member who has been expelled may reapply for membership and for a restoration of his privileges, and such application having come before the Council called for the purpose.

Life membership subscriptions shall not be refundable on termination of membership.


The rate of annual subscriptions payable to each category of membership shall be:

Ordinary member RM150.00

Associate member RM 100.00

Life member shall pay RM2000.00.

A Registration fee of RM50.00 is payable upon registration

All annual subscriptions shall be payable to the Treasurer In advance by date of Annual General Meeting