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We are revising for the next edition

We are sorry to inform that the “Common Clinical Problems in Primary Care “ book is out of stock. This book has become a best seller since it was launched in 2019. We are going to revise it for the next edition. But instead of just telling you what we think is cool, we want to hear what's on YOUR mind. We want to create the most helpful content possible, about the topics you care about most and in the format that is easiest for you to read and put into action. Your feedback will help us to improve the next edition of the book. Please click the link below :

Malaysian Family Physician Vol 16 No 1

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of the Malaysian Family Physician (Vol 16 No 1)


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    1. Hai Dr Lee, Sorry we don’t accept pre order at the moment. We will make an announcement once the book available

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